Wish round


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Hello guys,

here is a wish round for the weekend:

Lengths of the round: 48h / KOTH Round
Start: 31.1.2020-2.02.2020 At 14o clock

Speed: 350
Unit Speed: 0.8
Moral: yes
Sleep mode: yes, 8 - 10h after 24h
Sitter: yes
Production: x2
Barbarian/bonus villages per player: 7
Barbarian villages grow to: 500points
Archers: no
Smithy: normal (1 for each unit)
No Farm Limit
Academy: Coins ( 20.000 /20.000/20.000
Beginners Protection: 1h
Tribe: 3 players, no outside support with leave
Paladin: no
Attack/Support gap: 100ms
Farm Limit: Disabled
no Fake limit
100point start

2x Koths with 50k Points (High farm)inside trupps: 25/25k Deff
2x Koths with 250k Points( High Farm) 100/100k Deff

One cheat village per continent.

let me know what you think!